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The Little Snake River Valley – Assisted Care Facility in Baggs, WY, expects to expand medical services, clinic staffing, affordable senior housing and home health opportunities under a long-term financial partnership entered into last week with Ethos Asset Management.

San Diego-based Ethos reported that it has committed to providing capital for several years. The financial partnership is specifically meant to help residents with enhanced medical needs remain in the rural area where their lifelong friends and family live.

“Our community is small but has many members that have worked hard over the years to ensure its success,” Paul Prestrud, president of the facility’s board, said in a statement. “The addition of this facility to our community will bring benefit to residents, old and young alike, and will help ensure many of the founding members of our community that have laid the groundwork for its success can remain an active part of our community as they age.”

The additional capital, Prestrud added, will provide senior apartments, additional clinic expansion space “and an overall increased attention to wellness in our community.” 

Full-service on-site clinics are starting to catch on, especially in rural areas. In Ohio, for example, Springfield Masonic Community and Dayton-based Premier Health officially began operating the senior living community’s on-campus clinic April 4, with services ranging from routine primary care to acute care situations, such as skin tears. 

“We were so impressed with the work and dedication shown by the whole team providing care and community stability for many elderly people,” Ethos Asset Management CEO Carlos Santos said of Little Snake River Valley – Assisted Care Facility.