Rent payments collected by healthcare real estate investment trusts in May increased slightly from April, according to data collected by the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, or Nareit.

The healthcare sector reflects a mix of business models, including more than 4,500 senior residential properties and 2,800 medical facilities, including hospitals and medical office buildings. All REITs in the sample saw an uptick in rents collected this month, raising the share of typical figures collected from 87% in April to 90% in May. May survey respondents reported granting rent deferrals for 5% of rent owed.

Healthcare was one of the only sectors to see an increase in paid rents. Overall, rent collections by REITs were largely unchanged. The industrial sector remained the strongest performer, with collections equal to nearly 96% of typical rents in May. This reflects a drop of just under 3 percentage points from the nearly 99% of rents collected as reported in April.

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