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Certified nurse aides (also known as certified nursing assistants) and lead CNAs in assisted living communities received the highest hourly rate increases in 2020, according to the 23rd annual Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Report, released last week.

The report, published by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service in cooperation with LeadingAge and supported by the National Center for Assisted Living, found that the national average of hourly rates for CNAs increased by 5.71%, with lead CNAs seeing an hourly rate increase of 7.28% in 2020. Overall, the national average rate for CNAs was $13.92 in 2020. Analysis by state showed that CNAs in Georgia and North Carolina received the lowest hourly rates of $12.15 and $12.24. CNAs in California reported the highest hourly rates, at $16.66, followed closely by Massachusetts, which reported hourly rates of $16.16.

Data collected on turnover rates within assisted living showed that it had increased significantly for all departments in 2020. Turnover for CNAs increased from 36.37% in 2019 to 48.51% last year, and turnover for resident assistants increased from 43.18% in 2019 to 59.93% in 2020. The turnover rate reported for all employees increased from 44.05% in 2019 to 53.11% in 2020.

The report includes responses from almost 1,400 assisted living communities and provides compensation data for more than 74,000 employees, covering 20 management and 29 non management positions.

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