Sloan Bentley
Sloan Bentley

Long-term care operators need to get creative to compete for workers amid pandemic-induced labor challenges. Arlington Heights, IL-based Lutheran Life Communities is responding to the “Great Resignation” with company-wide incentives.

To counter the discontent of burned-out caregivers, Sloan Bentley, president and CEO of Lutheran Life Communities, offered incentives for perfect attendance last month, according to a press release

“The future of work depends on designing programs that reflect the intent of the organization and creating proactive, not reactive, pathways when team member are feeling out of balance,” Bentley told the McKnight’s Business Daily.

To help workers’ morale during the holidays, Bentley initiated a program where employees received $500 if they did not call out from work, and their names were entered into a drawing for a $5,000 grand prize. At the end of the bonus period, 474 (33%) of employees were entered into the grand prize drawing. The winning employee works at Pleasant View, a life plan community in Ottawa, IL.

Lutheran Life Communities is a not-for-profit senior living and services organization that provides skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care and short-term rehabilitation services in Illinois, Indiana and Florida.

“Lutheran Life Communities undertook wider discussions on how we work together to hear and respond to the well-being needs of our team members by bringing together varying stakeholders to work towards an annual well-being strategy,” Bentley said.

“As an example, the employee assistance program has seen an 1800% jump in utilization in the last quarter. This increase in utilization can be attributed to increasing team member knowledge and awareness of this path to well-being,” she added.

This year, the company is rolling out various programs to try to foster a positive company culture. “Reclaiming My Joy,” for example, is centered on both self-reflection and a commitment to engage in activities that bring personal satisfaction, the company said. Other programs will focus on learning and development opportunities.