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Providers who failed, due to extenuating circumstances, to report on time how they used Provider Relief Fund payments are in luck. The Health Resources and Services Administration re-opened the PRF Reporting Portal to allow late reporting of payments received between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2021.

The reporting portal will remain open through Dec. 2 at 11:59 p.m. ET for providers who have been approved to submit a late report for reporting period 3. Providers must return unused funds to HRSA within 30 days of submitting a report.

According to HRSA, extenuating circumstances for late reporting include:

  • Severe illness or death – a severe medical condition or death of a provider or key staff member responsible for reporting hindered the organization’s ability to complete the report during the reporting period.
  • Affected by natural disaster – a natural disaster occurred during or in close proximity of the end of the reporting period damaging the organization’s records or information technology.
  • Lack of receipt of reporting communications – an incorrect email or mailing address on file with HRSA prevented the organization from receiving instructions prior to the reporting period deadline.
  • Failure to click “submit” – the organization registered and prepared a report in the PRF reporting portal but did not take the final step to click “submit” prior to deadline.
  • Internal miscommunication or error – internal miscommunication or error regarding the individual who was authorized and expected to submit the report on behalf of the organization and/or the registered point of contact in the PRF reporting portal.
  • Incomplete targeted distribution payments – the organization’s parent entity completed all general distribution payments, but a targeted distribution(s) was not reported on by the subsidiary.

Assisted living first was recognized during Phase 2 distributions, with Phase 3 distributions covering pandemic expenses from the first half of 2020.

Providers who plan to submit a request to report late due to extenuating circumstances, but have not yet registered in the PRF reporting portal should complete registration prior to submitting their request. Registration instructions are on the PRF reporting webpage. Providers whose request is approved will receive a notification to proceed with completing the report. Providers will have 10 business days from the date the notification is received to submit a report in the reporting portal.