A growing number of seniors have been opting to live in university-based retirement communities in an effort to age in place along with the cultural offerings and vibrancy often associated with college campuses. But with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing these communities to close their doors to visitors and colleges sending students home for virtual learning, many older adults are questioning what the future might look like for them in a college town.

A Barron’s report published Saturday discusses how congregate-care living by itself is risky enough, and many seniors living in college-based retirement communities now face an even greater risk of exposure if they continue to attend in-person college classes or mingle with college students, as many had been before the pandemic began.

Although some seniors are making the best of a bad situation by continuing to attend classes online, some retirees have delayed their decision to relocate, or changed their minds entirely, the media outlet warned.

“For the seniors who banked on a rich cultural experience, the pandemic might lead some to rethink the costs and benefits,” the article noted.