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Turnover rates for certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses in continuing care retirement communities have reached their highest points over the past decade in 2021, according to a new analysis of historical data from the Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service.

But the rates in nursing homes were still higher, HCS said.

Among the three positions in CCRCs, CNAs had the highest turnover rate in 2021, at 45.87%, but the rate was 51.38% in nursing homes, according to the 2021-2022 Continuing Care Retirement Community Salary & Benefits and Nursing Homes Salary & Benefits reports.

For LPNs, the 2021 turnover rate was 36.81% in CCRCs, compared with 37.67% for nursing homes. For RNs, the 2021 turnover rate was 40.45% in CCRCs, compared with 41.06% in nursing homes.

For CNAs, turnover was at its lowest point over the past decade in CCRCs in 2013, when the rate was 30.31%, and in nursing homes in 2014, when the rate was 30.15%.

In fact, 2014 marked the low point for turnover over the past decade for both LPNs and RNs in both CCRCs and nursing homes.

For LPNs, 2014 saw a turnover rate of 24.89% in CCRCs, but the rate was higher, 25.18%, in nursing homes.

For RNs, the 2014 turnover rate was 25.55% in CCRCs, but it was higher, 27.55%, in nursing homes. 

The CCRC and nursing home reports can be ordered on the HCS website. The CCRC report is published in cooperation with LeadingAge. The nursing home report is supported by the American Health Care Association and published in cooperation with LeadingAge.