The former owner of a Colorado senior living community may get to keep his day job. But his nights and weekends will be spent in jail, following a check-kiting conviction.

Christopher Allen Butler, 60, was found guilty of three counts of theft from a resident, and one count of felony theft. He has been sentenced to one year of jail work-release and 10 years of probation.

It might have been worse: Butler was found not guilty of two additional counts of theft. Prosecutors earlier dismissed several additional counts of theft, identity theft and fraud.

Butler owned Timberline Lodge, a senior living community in unincorporated Boulder County. He was arrested in April following an eight-month inquiry. Investigators determined he made himself a signer on a then-83-year-old man’s checking account and wrote himself checks.

Officials concluded Butler took $475,000 from the resident, when only $273,000 could be attributed to services received between 2009 and 2015.