Xavier Becerra headshot

The federal public health emergency related to COVID-19 was renewed Friday “[a]s a result of the continued consequences” of the pandemic, the Department of Health and Human Services announced Friday.

This is the tenth time that the PHE related to COVID-19 has been extended since it began Jan. 31, 2020. Previous HHS Secretary Alex Azar initiated it and then renewed it three times in 2020 — on April 21, July 23 and Oct. 2 — as well as on Jan. 7, 2021. Current Secretary Xavier Becerra previously renewed it five times — on April 15, July 19 and Oct. 15, 2021 — and in 2022 on Jan. 14 and April 12. Renewals last 90 days, meaning the latest extension would last through mid-October.

Friday’s extension was not a complete surprise. Bloomberg reported in May that the PHE was likely to be extended. HHS reportedly has committed to providing notice of at least 60 days before ending the PHE.