Residents of a Brooklyn, NY, assisted living facility are accusing the owner of not turning on the air conditioning in an effort to make them move out.

Facility owner Haysha Deitsch is refusing to turn on the air conditioning at Prospect Park Residence to get the seven remaining residents to move out so he can sell the building, attorneys for the residents say. A court ordered Prospect Park to keep the air conditioning on in 2014, but the facility’s lawyers say there is “no requirement in law” to do so and that the order only pertained to hallways, not the residents’ rooms.

The air conditioning accusations are the latest in a slew of arguments between Prospect Park residents and Deitsch. Residents and their families say he is trying to make the facility “unlivable” so they’ll vacate. Other allegations include dimmed hallway lighting, poor meal plans and understaffing.

Prospect Park announced plans to close in March 2014. Deitsch agreed to sell the building for $76.5 million once all of the residents had moved out. Since then, most of the 130 original residents have moved — the seven who remain live in the facility’s dementia unit.

In May, a judge appointed New York nursing home operator Brian Rosenman as temporary receiver for the embattled facility.

This article originally appeared on McKnight's