Facebook and YouTube are by far the most commonly used social media sites by U.S. adults aged more than 65 years, according to recent research by the Pew Research Center.

Forty-one percent of the older adults surveyed by Pew said they use Facebook, and 40% said they use YouTube.

The next most-used type of social media for those 65+, Pinterest, was used by 16%. Other sites covered by the survey: Instagram, used by 10% of older adults; LinkedIn, 9%; Twitter, 8%; WhatsApp, 6%; and Snapchat, 3%.

Facebook and YouTube were the two most popular social media sites overall among those 18 and older who were surveyed, with 73% of all adults saying they use YouTube and 68% using Facebook.

Sixty-six percent of survey participants 50 or older said it would not be difficult for them to give using social media.

The survey conducted Jan. 3 to 10. The sample size of 2,002 included 529 people 65+; 544 were 50 to 64 years old.