If you want to attract and pre-qualify potential residents visiting your senior living community website, including financial information there is the best way to do it. That’s according to a new research paper by Lead InSite, a provider of buying decision behavior data.

“Financial information, such as pricing, is one of the most important content areas that visitors use to pre-qualify themselves,” according to the paper. Unit costs, monthly fees and contract information as important as well, the authors note.

Lead InSite based its findings on data collected from more than 2.5 million people who were seeking senior living information on any of more than 1,700 senior living community websites.

“Our analysis indicates that once a visitor has researched financial information and that information is consistent with their requirements, they convert,” the authors note. “Then, as they complete their purchase, their focus shifts to other areas, such as residential and lifestyle requirements.”

Websites that added financial information saw a 35% increase in engagement on their sites by those who eventually converted into their leadbases, according to Lead InSite, with engagement being measured by total number of pages or content viewed over all site visits.