A woman who had been fired from a Utah assisted living community returned six weeks later with a handgun and a stun gun and tried to steal locked-up medication before leaving with two employees’ backpacks, according to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

Becky Golly, 44, has been charged with aggravated robbery, use or threatened use of a weapon; financial transaction with intent to defraud; forgery; and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person for the Feb. 7 incident. All of the charges are felonies, and additional charges may be filed later, the sheriff’s office said in a press release. Golly remained in jail as of Feb. 15, according to Utah County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Bureau records.

Authorities said that an employee of Elk Ridge Assisted Living, Elk Ridge, UT, opened a door for Golly after receiving a call that someone was trying to get into the building; the employee thought a resident must have walked outside.

Golly reportedly was wearing all black, had her face covered with a cloth or bandana and pointed a gun at the woman’s face. A second employee locked herself in another room and called 911.

Meanwhile, according to the sheriff’s office, Golly ordered the first employee to go to an office where medications are stored. Golly ordered the employee to spray the security camera with shaving cream that she had brought, then told the employee to unlock a medication storage box, authorities said. When the employee was unable to open the box, Golly allegedly fled with the two employees’ backpacks.

When sheriff’s deputies and police officers arrived at the community, its owner helped retrieve a security video that led the employees to identify Golly as a suspect because of her physical build, appearance and mannerisms. Golly subsequently admitted the robbery to detectives, the sheriff’s office said.

Detectives obtained a warrant, searched Golly’s residence and car, and found the clothes she had worn in the robbery as well as the shaving cream can, the sheriff’s office said. Detectives also reportedly found methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and prescriptions drugs.

Golly allegedly charged $2,000 to one employee’s debit card, using Facebook Pay to send the money to an account in her maiden name. Detectives also say they found a $500 check that Golly had written to herself from one of the employee’s checkbooks but had not cashed.

Golly previously was convicted of theft, fraud and drug-related charges, the sheriff’s office said.