Earl Christy, a former football player with the New York Jets, has sued the NFL Alumni Association because it allegedly tried to “cut him out of his consulting fees after he helped a Tampa-based developer obtain the endorsement of the association to build assisted living facilities,” the Tampa Bay Business Journal is reporting.

NFLAA President Joe Pisarcik told the publication that the organization had no comment on the lawsuit.

Christy reportedly said he had a consulting agreement with Tampa, FL, developer and attorney Mark Bouldin, who works with Validus Senior Living. Christy said he was supposed to be paid $3,000 per month plus $3,000 per month for each NFLAA-endorsed community built. The alumni association, however, threatened to withdraw from the deal if Christy’s association with the project continued, according to the Business Journal’s account of Christy’s lawsuit. Bouldin subsequently tried to have the agreement with Christy rescinded in state court, Christy’s attorney said.

Bouldin and the NFLAA ultimately agreed to a joint venture to develop and market 33 assisted living communities in NFL cities using the NFLAA brand, the article maintains.