Why aren’t your prospects moving in? Could be it’s not you, it’s them? Or more accurately, their fear of rising health outlays in the years to come?

In fact, more than seven in 10 Americans nearing retirement say they are “terrified” of what healthcare costs may do to their golden years, according a Nationwide Retirement Institute survey conducted by Harris Poll. Nearly three in four older adults say one of their top fears in retirement is out-of-control costs for healthcare.

“We are seeing more fear and uncertainty than ever,” said John Carter, president of Nationwide’s retirement plans business.

Many of the respondents may have legitimate concerns about future financial viability. Nearly one-third of those nearing retirement say they are not doing anything to save for healthcare costs in retirement. A third also said they could not pay for an unplanned expense totaling $500. More than half could not cover an amount exceeding $1,000.

Nearly half of older adults have not discussed healthcare costs in retirement with anyone. Half of married adults haven’t talked with their spouse about it, and eight in 10 adults with children haven’t talked to their children about their plan to address healthcare needs in retirement, most often because they don’t want to worry them.