A majority of the jobs with both high annual pay and high job meaning are in the healthcare industry, according to an interactive chart from PayScale, a compensation data website.

Eighty-two percent of healthcare practitioners, such as registered nurses, surgeons, specialized doctors, technicians and educators, felt their job was meaningful. They also earned the highest median annual pay out of the 24 job categories, at $83,500 per year.

Home health aides, nursing aides, therapists and medical assistants were classified as healthcare support workers, and averaged a 78% “job meaning” rate. Their median annual pay was reported at $33,800.

Job satisfaction was also part of the analyzed data. Approximately 74% of healthcare practitioners and 72% of healthcare support workers felt gratification from their jobs.

Over two million workers were asked if they believe their job makes the world a better place, according to PayScale.

This article originally appeared on McKnight's