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Liza Berger

As we all know by now, the pandemic unleashed a flood of enthusiasm in technology.

Over the last year, there has been newfound interest in communication tools as isolated older adults sought to connect with their loved ones. None of us will ever forget how the computer tablet became the crucial portal through which a family member glimpsed the last moments of their dear one’s life.

We also really can’t speak about the impact of the pandemic without talking about telehealth, which has taken off like a bullet train. In recent months, companies from Amazon to Verizon have offered up large-scale telehealth offerings.

And as home care organizations struggle to recruit workers, there may be a new area of focus: technology that involves engagement and gamification — as a way to make the job of a home care professional a little more interesting, motivating and fun.

The question is what technology — be it big or small, for patients or staff, pandemic-related or not — did your home care or home health employ over the last year? Whatever it is, McKnight’s wants to know about it.

May 25 is the deadline to submit your nomination for the McKnight’s Tech Awards and Summit. For the first year, McKnight’s Home Care will be part of the competition.

Winners will be recognized in three tracks: Home Care, Senior Living and Skilled Nursing. All providers are eligible. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be awarded in the following categories:

1. Quality – Winning entries will describe the technology involved and how it was applied to improve the quality of care or services.
2. Innovator of the Year – Winning entries will describe how technological innovation was key to the entry’s success and how it made a difference in the provision of care or services or the bottom line.
3. KISS (Keep It Super Simple) – Winning entries will describe a simple but effective application of technology that improved the provision of care, services or operations.
4. Building Bridges – Winning entries will describe the ways in which an operator is using technology to improve connections between staff members and residents and/or their families.

For the purposes of this competition, an entry will not so much be judged on a technology’s aesthetics or its expense, but its impact. How did an innovation help some facet of your organization?

Now is your chance to tell your peers about what a technological feature you have implemented that has made a significant difference. Don’t wait! The deadline is fast approaching.

Liza Berger is editor of McKnight’s Home Care. Email her at [email protected]. Follow [email protected]