A new global report calls for a reimagining of the home care workforce to stem a looming care crisis for aging populations.

The Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA) and senior care firm Home Instead released “Building the Caregiving Workforce Our Aging World Needs” Wednesday. The report calls on policymakers, healthcare organizations, and public and private stakeholders to immediately begin efforts to build a caregiving workforce to meet the demand of an aging population.

“The report is intended as a wake-up call for the urgent actions that must be taken to address the global crisis of care which is already gripping nations around the world,” Home Instead CEO Jeff Huber said.

The report recommends transforming the mindset about caregiving from a low-skilled job to a valued professional career; bolstering training and education standards; supporting the financial and emotional needs of caregivers; and fully integrating the home care workforce into the health and social-care ecosystem.

“The recommendations are designed to act as a catalyst for action and collaboration from a multisector, multidisciplinary group of stakeholders,” Melissa Gong, GCOA executive director, said.

Eldercare research firm PHI estimates the U.S. will need to fill 8.2 million direct care jobs by 2028, including 1.3 million new jobs.

The report says failure to address the urgent needs of the caregiving workforce will result in fewer options for older adults, worsening health outcomes, higher healthcare costs and undesirable living conditions for an aging population.