When it comes to entry-level job opportunities, home health aide ranks in the top 10, according to a study conducted by PeopleScout, a provider of recruitment process outsourcing services. The study analyzed 3.8 million full-time job postings since November 2020 to identify the jobs and industries that are hiring entry-level workers with little or no experience.

“We know that workers, particularly from the leisure and hospitality sector, have been hit hard by the pandemic,” said PeopleScout President Brannon Lacey. “Recent surveys have shown that more than half of unemployed workers are looking to change careers. We know that some workers are looking to bring their existing skill sets into new roles immediately, while others are looking to obtain additional education or certifications. Our analysis shows there are opportunities for both types of workers.”

Medical workers ranked No. 2 on the list. Besides home healthcare aides, this group included nurses, respiratory therapists, medical and health services managers, medical assistants, lab technicians, physical therapists and pharmacy techs. The No. 1 job with entry-level opportunities was drivers, which included drivers of heavy and tractor-trailer trucks, light trucks and passenger vehicles.