Indiana is expanding its Structured Family Caregiving (SFC) program, now allowing the legal guardians of older adults to get additional support for care in their homes.

SFC provides caregivers with access to experienced care teams, clinical expertise and technology to support them in their caregiving responsibilities. Under the Medicaid waiver program, legal guardians will also receive a stipend to provide care in the home.

“We applaud Indiana’s Division of Aging for its ongoing commitment to providing family caregivers with the support they need to effectively and confidently care for their loved ones,” Melanie Morris, director of operations at Caregiver Homes of Indiana, said. “The Structured Family Caregiving program has served as an important initiative in the state to provide quality care to our most vulnerable, particularly during the challenging times we experienced over the past year. The extension of SFC to legal guardians offers these caregivers the additional services and supports they need to effectively provide care.”

According to the state of Indiana, a legal guardian is a court-appointed person or entity responsible for the care and supervision of an incapacitated person.