Home care worker tends to patient

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped forge an alliance between a Medicare Advantage company and a provider of post-acute-home-based care (PAHC). Miramar, FL-based onehome is partnering with Waltham, MA-based Devoted Health to deliver expanded care to members in Arizona, Ohio and San Antonio, TX.

The partnership will bring enhanced healthcare including infusion services, durable wound therapy and medical equipment into members’ homes in an effort to reduce the risk of infection.

Devoted Health co-founder and CEO Ed Park said growth in the home healthcare market related to the pandemic prompted the company to look for ways to make medical care more accessible, while reducing the rate of hospital readmissions. 

“Our members’ health and quality of life depend on access to safe and necessary care, and, increasingly, we are looking to the home as the best environment for healing,” Park said.

Tyler Cromer, principal at healthcare research firm ATI Advisory told McKnight’s Home Care Daily the shift across both Medicare Advantage and traditional Medicare to move more care to the home started before the pandemic and continues to gain ground.

“This recent announcement shows an innovative approach to building infrastructure needed to deliver post-acute clinical care at home, including the provider-payer risk partnerships that enable improved care coordination,” Cromer said.

onehome serves more than 1 million patients with PAHC through a value-based payment model. “Our partnership with Devoted Health will help deliver a high level of care to older people who want to remain healthy at home,” onehome president Joseph Mayer, M.D. said.

The U.S. home healthcare market is projected to grow 7% annually to 173 billion by 2026, driving by a wave of aging baby boomers.

onehome is also Devoted Health’s delegated provider for utilization management, claims and credentialing. It was recently approved as a licensed third-party administrator in Arizona and Ohio.