male patient about to get COVID vaccine from healthcare worker

Thousands of first responders, frontline health workers and other public-facing employees in Massachusetts continue to pass on COVID-19 vaccinations, prompting a push  for the state government and private employers to make getting shots a hiring requirement, according to a report in the Boston Globe.

Hebrew SeniorLife in Roslindale, MA, will require COVID-19 vaccines for new employees later this spring when shots are more widely available. And Attorney General Maura Healey has suggested that public safety employees, such as state police and prison workers, should be required to get the shots,.

”[If] you’re going to sign up for public work, and receive a paycheck from the taxpayers of this state who have sacrificed and lost so much . . . [and] you can’t get a vaccination? It’s irresponsible,” Healey said on GBH’s Boston Public Radio, while acknowledging that some may have health conditions that prevent them from getting the shots.