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The National Association for Home Care & Hospice has announced plans to expand its previously announced first-year scholarship program with CellTrak, a provider of mobile point-of-care and field-force management solutions for home care, personal care and hospice. The program will provide additional funding opportunities for home health aides nationwide during the COVID-19 crisis while supporting the recipients along their career journey.

“This scholarship is a proven way to help home care aides advance their careers, tell their stories of what caregiving means to them, and highlight the difference it has made in the lives of their patients,” NAHC President William A. Dombi said. 

Each week during November, National Home Care & Hospice Month, two scholarships will be granted to deserving home care aides. Also, Nov. 8 to 14, Home Care Aide Week, two scholarships will be granted each day, for a total of 20, $500 scholarships over the course of National Home Care & Hospice Month. 

“With the impact of COVID on our industry, we realized our commitment to the scholarship program for 2020 needed to be doubled to 20 scholarships,” CellTrack founder Andrew Kaboff said. In March, many of our home care aides found themselves forced to make tough choices. Because of their dedication, we want to recognize and support their efforts in continuing a career path as a homecare hero.”