Screen shot of website to encourage home care workers to immunize for COVID-19

The Partnership for Medicaid Home-Based Care (PMHC) has launched  Be Wise, Immunize., a website to provide information about the COVID-19 vaccine to more than 3 million home care workers.

“PMHC supports the heroic efforts of the home care workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said David J. Totaro, PMHC chairman.  “It is essential that home care aides receive the vaccine to protect themselves, their families, and their clients. The website outlines the facts about the vaccine and its benefits.”

“Given the intimate nature of the services being provided by home care aides and demographics of the home care labor force — mostly older females of color — this workforce is [disproportionately] exposed to, and affected by, COVID-19,” noted Darby Anderson, PMHC vice chairman. “The Partnership for Medicaid Home-Based Care is committed to providing information about the COVID-19 vaccine to home care aides with the goal of increasing vaccine uptake by home care workforce.”

Anderson told McKnight’s Home Care Daily that the website’s education efforts are ongoing. “We plan on keeping the site up-to-date with the latest CDC and information regarding vaccines and information on how to obtain the vaccine and we will keep adding to the roster of testimonials from home care workers who have received the vaccine.”

Association in the home care space are pushing educating about the COVID-19 vaccines to home care workers, who like other healthcare workers, in large part, have hesitancy about taking the vaccines. They have cited concern about the speed at which the vaccines have been produced and their effectiveness.