Prospero Health is definitely on the move. The Boston, MA-based firm recently announced it is expanding into five more states, and CEO Doug Wenners told McKnight’s Home Care Daily he won’t be satisfied until he’s in all 50.

“We plan to expand to 10 more next year, so we’re a short putt away from all 50,” Wenners said Friday. 

Doug Wenners

With the latest expansion, 2-year-old Prospero Health will be in 26 states. It offers physician-led medical care in the home that is supplemented by telemedicine. The company builds relationships with payer organizations and supports the medical care extremely sick patients are already receiving.

“A typical patient of ours will have eight to 10 different specialists. They’re multimorbid, they’re frail,” Wenners explained.

Wenners said he was inspired to launch the company by his father’s cancer diagnosis five years ago. While his father received excellent care by a team of Boston physicians, Wenner believed healthcare could be delivered in a different way.

“What we learned is even great care is built around the systems and none of it is designed around patients and their families,” Wenners said.

Prospero Health is currently serving roughly 11,000 patients with more than 300 clinicians. Wenners said the pandemic has reinforced the company’s strategy of keeping people safer and healthier in their homes.

“What you want is to be in a place where you’re comfortable and happy, which is your home,” Wenners said.