Starting next January, seniors enrolled in UnitedHealthcare group retiree Medicare Advantage plans will have access to an array of benefits helping them transition home from a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

The Healthy at Home program will provide post-discharge transportation from a hospital or nursing home, up to 28 home-delivered meals, and in-home personal care. The company says the services will be available every time a retiree is discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

“We’re designing Healthy at Home to reduce unplanned hospital readmissions, improve a retiree’s health and enhance their health care experience from the convenience of their home,” said Craig Condon, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Retiree Solutions.

In 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services expanded what it considered primary health-related services, giving insurance companies more flexibility in Medicare Advantage plan design in an effort to prevent and treat illness and injuries.