Jewish Home Assisted Living in River Vale, NJ, began offering intravenous therapies late last month in an effort to reduce hospitalizations among residents.

The community says it’s the first in the state to offer such therapies in an assisted living setting.

“This is part of our ongoing efforts to try to prevent hospitalization,” said Executive Director Lauren Levant. “Hospital stays can lead to complications, expenses and disruption for our residents, so when we realized we could treat dehydration and administer IV antibiotics within our facility, we signed out staff up for the certification.”

The facility offers around-the-clock nursing to its approximately 100 residents, and more than a dozen of the 17 nurses on staff at Jewish Home Assisted Living have become certified.

The service not only has the potential to improve the health and quality of life for residents; it also keeps care at the community and differentiates the assisted living community from others. 

“Offering this service makes life easier and improves outcomes for our residents and their families,” said Carol Silver Elliott, president and CEO of parent company Jewish Home Family. “It is an important innovation that expands our ability to care for our residents.”