Representative Richard Neal (D) Mass.
Rep. Richard Neal

A leading House Democrat is seeking ways to get more senior living services covered by Medigap insurance policies. Toward that goal, Rep. Richard E. Neal (D-MA) has sent a letter requesting possible options to National Association of Insurance Commissioners President Eric Cioppa.

“Nearly 70% of individuals age 65 and older will need help at some point with getting dressed, bathing, shopping, and maintaining their lives in the community,” he wrote.

Neal, who also chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, laid out parameters for Cioppa to address by early August. They include affordability, sustainability, implications for adverse selection, eligibility triggers, benefit design and interaction with existing Medigap products.

Neal noted that expanded coverage options will become increasingly important as demand escalates. Medigap policies address the costs of healthcare services not covered by Medicare, such as co-payments and deductibles. Although they do not cover long-term care, several states are experimenting with such provisions.