Senior living campuses may be sprouting like dandelions across the sunshine states, but will future retirees uproot to get there? Many may not, if a new USA Today survey is to be believed.

Close to half (43%) of those between the ages of 45 and 65 plan to stay at their current address throughout their retirement years, the publication’s survey of 1,170 near-retirees found. About a third (33%) of the respondents plan to move, whereas 24% remain unsure.

Previous surveys have shown that older people generally prefer to remain at home as they age. Among the historic benefits are easier access to loved ones and religious organizations.

But a new reason is also emerging: jobs. An unrelated Gallup poll conducted earlier this year found that nearly two-thirds of all employed adults (63%) planned to work in some capacity beyond age 65. Fully 11% indicated they plan to continue working full time. For many people with this preference, staying put might make it easier to stay employed.