More than half of all newly started long-term care insurance claims are for policyholders aged 81 or more years, according to a new study released by the Los Angeles-based American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

Twenty-five percent of newly started claims are filed by people aged 81 to 85, and 27.2% of new claims are begun by those aged 86 to 90, association data showed.

“If you live a long life into your 80s, 90s or past age 100, you are increasingly likely to need some long-term care,” AALTCI Director Jesse Slome said.

The association also found that 4.5% of new claims are filed by those 70 or younger, 9.3% were filed by those aged 71 to 75, 16.5% were filed by those aged 76 to 80, and 17.5% were filed by those 91 or older.

For each insurers studied by AALTCI, the oldest policyholders to initiate new claims were centenarians.

“The oldest new claim was started by someone who was 106,” Slome said. “Two were age 105 , two were 104 and two were 101. Many Americans are living longer lives and are benefiting from having this protection in place, which enables them to receive care at home or in assisted living or skilled care facilities.”

The youngest new claimant was 25 years old, according to the data.

“While most claims are due to aging and related illnesses that come along with living a long life, younger people have accidents and can benefit as well,” Slome said. “The important message for consumers is the need to get your insurance while you can still health qualify for coverage.”

The ideal age range for consumers to consider long-term care insurance, according to the AALTCI, is 55 to 65.

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