The U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging has released a new resource for you and your residents: a report (PDF) of the top 10 scams against older adults that have been reported via its hotline — and how to fight them.

The list:

  1. IRS impersonation scams
  2. Sweepstakes scams
  3. Robocalls/Unwanted phone calls
  4. Computer tech support schemes
  5. Identity theft
  6. Grandparent scams
  7. Elder financial abuse
  8. Grant scams
  9. Romance scams/Confidence fraud
  10. Home improvement scams

“I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that seniors and their families become aware of the scammers’ techniques and take action to protect themselves and their loved-ones from these heartless criminals,” said Sen. Susan Collins, the committee’s chairwoman, as she unveiled the publication Feb. 17 at a special event at AARP Maine in Portland.

The Senate Aging Committee’s fraud hotline (855-303-9470 or is staffed by investigators who link victims with relevant authorities. The new guide documents all of the calls to the hotline in 2015, details each of the top 10 scams and provides advice from consumer protection agencies on ways to identify con artists’ schemes.