Adults aged 70 or more years are more likely to have older technology, such as desktop computers and regular phones, than those aged 50 to 69, according to a survey recently conducted by the AARP.

The survey, which had 1,520 respondents, was conducted Nov. 16 to 27 among adults aged 50 or more years.

Researchers also found, however, that although those aged 50 to 69 were more likely to have smartphones and laptop computers, 55% of those aged 70 or more had smartphones, and 56% had laptops.

Other findings:

  • Adults at least 70 years old use their computers for fewer activities than do those who are younger, with a couple of exceptions, such as email/instant messaging and playing games. Sixty-six percent said they send or receive emails or instant messages on their computers, and 52% said they play games on them.
  • The activity most commonly performed on a computer by those aged 70 or more years was visiting websites / surfing the internet (73%), followed by making a purchase (70%) and getting news and other information (67%).
  • Only 5% of those aged 70 or more said they used a voice-activated assistant on their computers, and 6% said they tracked their health or fitness via an app or a website, making those two uses the activities least likely to be undertaken on a computer by those in their age group.

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