It’s no secret that 50-plus year olds often make senior living placement decisions. A new study sheds light on their motivations by shredding old stereotypes.

Marketers should discard the notion that these decision-makers are complacent, set in their ways or brand-loyal, notes the Ketchum survey. In fact, just the opposite is often true.

“Marketers need to understand (these prospects) seek experience, achievement and fulfillment,” said Andrea Barish, a Ketchum spokesperson.

Investigators found that those aged more than 50 years are actively pursuing enriching experiences and feel an awakened sense of curiosity. They volunteer for charitable causes three times more often than those in their 40s and attend religious services or events more often.

Moreover, the study revealed that 73% learn new things because they are personally interested, rather than feeling obliged to do so.

The research also reveals subtle but important gender differences. For example, women tend to enjoy the company of other women, like to travel together and generally enjoy what museums, galleries and spas have to offer, investigators found.