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With no-nonessential-visitor policies in place in senior living communities for now, virtual tours have increased as a way for prospective residents and their families to explore potential homes.

Now, A Place for Mom has designed a virtual tour app to enable prospective residents and their families to schedule and participate in live community tours.

“COVID-19 drove a digital revolution overnight, and it’s here to stay,” APFM CEO Larry Kutscher said in a statement. “With families researching an average of four facilities before making a decision, we have an opportunity to greatly improve that process to create a better experience.”

According to data from APFM, more than 50% of families require buy-in from multiple members in order to select a community. The app enables people to join across geographies with a secure connection. It also allows families to schedule and reschedule tours as needed, and it sends automated alerts with appointment reminders.

Approximately 300 of APFM’s 15,000 communities are using the app, which officially rolls out nationally in June for use on Android and iOS devices. APFM said it plans to build new features in the app over time to further simplify the senior living decision-making process for families and to help communities easily obtain reporting and real-time feedback from users.