CarexTech’s SMILE platform has been implemented in almost 500 communities serving 28,000 residents communities since its creation three years ago, according to the company.

Throughout this time, it has been found that the platform increases meaningful caregiver/family/resident engagement by 80% or more within three to four months of implementation, CarexTech said.

The portal allows for real-time exchanges of encrypted, personal information between caregivers, family and residents. It provides activity-planning tools and data analytics while also aiming to help senior living professionals improve programming and staffing decisions, pilot test activities and identify and share successful activities pioneered at one location for companywide implementation.

It also has the capability to generate reports for internal, regulatory and legal use.  

Families can contribute relevant information to the portal, such as resident likes and dislikes, unique habits and life experiences, to increase the personalization of resident care. Caregivers can use it to send real-time updates on residents.

“Evidence suggests that engaged family members can offer triple value — improved quality of life for residents, less stress for caregivers and greater satisfaction for families — all of which are measurable,” said Sarv Devaraj, PhD, CarexTech co-founder and the Fred V. Duda Professor in Management at the University of Notre Dame.

It is especially helpful for caregivers to have available biographic information about residents who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, he said.

The HIPAA-compliant portal has the capability to integrate with electronic health record platforms, according to CarexTech. It includes mobile connectivity for all parties.

CarexTech is based in Palo Alto, CA.