Penrose Platform, a new app by Dallas-based Penrose Senior Care Auditors, is designed to enable families to hire certified professionals to check on residents of assisted living communities and report back to them real-time.

In a statement, Rhonda Harper, CEO and founder of Penrose Senior Care Auditors, said the app was developed after she assumed responsibility for her father, who resided in an assisted living community.

To use the app, families visit the Penrose website or mobile app, select a senior care auditor based on profiles and reviews, and determine how many times per month they would like an auditor to visit a family member. The audits, which Penrose says assess 150 items, begin after payment with a credit card. Once an audit is complete, a report is sent to the family member.

The app is now in beta format, but Penrose expects “a full-scale launch” in the fall.