Brand Integrity has launched a new mobile app that will supplement its current platform, which is meant to help companies with tasks related to reducing turnover and improving bottom-line costs.

The new app uses smartphones and social media in an effort to simplify the platform and make the recognition process easier for on-the-go employees.

Users can view colleague profiles, view their own profile, see notifications of recognitions received or needing approval, add photos to recognition posts and troubleshoot problems through a help section.

The main “Activity” tab shows recognitions from an organization in chronological order. Users can “like,” share or comment on any activity.

“We know that increasing usage of our platform is a key to improving employee engagement, and our mobile app makes writing on-the-spot recognitions easy and convenient,” said Doug Bennett, senior vice president of technology and operations at Brand Integrity. “Introducing a mobile app is going to make a big difference for our clients, especially those that seek to support deskless employees, such as retail or healthcare staff, who may rely on smartphones to stay connected.”

The app currently is available for iOS devices and soon will be available for Android devices.