Asif Kahn

Caremerge has launched a new, in-app net promoter score survey. The feedback tool is designed to give senior living providers on-the-go insights from families in real time.

“The Caremerge NPS survey provides a constant connection between families and senior care communities,” said Asif Khan, founder and CEO of Caremerge. “It enables providers to gain valuable, ‘in-the-moment’ insights that drive actionable, open dialogue between the community and its consumers. By making the NPS survey quick and easy to use, we give families the opportunity to share important feedback regarding a variety of services, while also giving them back their most valuable asset: their time.”

Caremerge said that the NPS survey tool is intuitive and takes seconds to complete.

General functionalities:

  • Uses standard NPS language (“How likely are you to recommend <facility name> to a friend or colleague”) and traditional 0-to-10 scale.
  • Family users are prompted to provide additional feedback after providing a score, including areas for improvement (for detractors) and open-ended feedback.
  • Currently available in iOS; Web and Android coming soon.
  • Family users can receive push notifications prompting them to take the survey.


  • Control which staff member can view the results and receive alerts when family members complete the survey.


  • Turn the survey on/off.
  • Control the frequency at which family members receive the survey.
  • Control whether staff alerts are sent only for detractor scores (0-6) or all responses.

Intelligence reporting on NPS survey results, including:

  • NPS score at any given moment.
  • Filter results for any time range.
  • Breakdown of responses by type (detractor, passive, promoter).
  • Chart of areas for improvement recommended by detractors.
  • Graph of trends in areas of improvement
  • Graph of trends in the NPS score
  • Raw data with responses and feedback

Caremerge is showcasing the new NPS surveys to providers at booth 238 at the American Health Care Association National Convention and Expo in Nashville. The company also will showcase it at Booth 3338 at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2 in Indianapolis.