Data from Pixie Smart Pads sensors are transmitted to a smartphone for convenient review.

Companies introduced and showcased a variety of new products and services relevant to the senior living industry at the 2017 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference and Expo, with more than 750 companies in attendance in the exposition hall. The event was held May 1 to 3 in Nashville, TN. Below are some company and product highlights from the event.

Pixie Scientific announces Pixie Smart Pad launch

Pixie Scientific has completed the FDA registration and begun shipping its Pixie Smart Pads to early access customers.

The Pixie Smart Pad is a Class I medical device that unobtrusively monitors incontinent seniors for an analyte commonly found with urinary tract infections. Caregivers can use the device to more quickly evaluate residents and diagnose infections, with the goal of lowering comorbidities and hospital admissions from UTIs.

UTIs are diagnosed in more than 850,000 seniors in the emergency department each year, according to the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. UTIs are the primary reason for admission in one-third of those cases, which leads to a $7 billion problem nationally, according to Pixie Scientific.

“No other technology platform is focused on meeting the significant unmet need of UTI-monitoring in seniors,” said Scott Meek, head of research and development at Pixie Scientific.

Construction Specialties releases new collection

Construction Specialties Inc. released a new pattern collection for the Acrovyn Wall Protection portfolio. The new patterns include 13 Acrovyn by Design decorative patterns and six Chameleon simulated woodgrain patterns.

The patterns were developed using input from design experts within CS, customers’ favorite selections and HOK Product Design.

CS manufactures specialty building products in areas such as interior wall protection, impact-resistant doors and frames, entrance flooring, expansion joint covers, architectural louvers and grilles, sun controls, specialty, venting and cubicle curtains and tracks. Its headquarters is in Lebanon, NJ.

“The expanded portfolio demonstrate CS’ commitment to design and partnership with designers,” said Susan Grossinger the director of HOK Product Design. “CS Acrovyn Wall Protection is a functional product that is also beautiful and timeless.”

Fresh Wave IAQ releases commercial odor management solutions

Fresh Wave IAQ presented its commercial-grade odor management products for extended care in the conference’s exposition hall.

The product comes in many different forms. The full line of solutions includes air and surface liquids, vapor phase machines, gel products, carpet shakes and vacuum pearls.

The air and surface liquid products are designed for fast and targeted odor control. The vapor phase machines are designed to quickly fight odors throughout an area. The gel products are best for odor elimination in items such as wastebaskets, according to the company. The carpet shake can eliminate a variety of odors, such as smoking and mildew. The vacuum pearls are meant for removing odors that linger on carpeting.

The Fresh Wave IAQ products use natural and non-toxic ingredients.

RCare announces new feature for nurse call offerings

RCare announced its new safe zone feature for nurse call offerings at the meeting.

This new feature, which is called the GeoPendant, is designed to allow caregivers to be alerted if a resident leaves a pre-designated safe zone. Caregivers can set a specific safe perimeter for residents. They also will be alerted if the client presses a button.

The GeoPendant can be customized for each individual.

“It’s especially perfect for mixed populations,” said Myron Kowal, RCare founder and CEO. “It’s nice to have a customizable safety feature instead of locking every door in the entire community. The GeoPendant enables independence and dignity.”

HeartLegacy introduces new app RemyGo

HeartLegacy LLC launched a new smartphone app called RemyGo at the conference.

The RemyGo app lets users connect with friends and family members through short life story and greeting videos.

Staff members also can use the app to share marketing videos, staff profiles and community testimonials.

The app uses smartphone video footage and shares it with private family groups through a secure connection with the HeartLegacy network. Marketing videos uploaded to HeartLegacy receive enhancements and branding before publication on social media channels and websites.

Vitals Software and Creative Strategies create partnership

Vitals Software and Creative Strategies announced plans to integrate and jointly market their technologies to senior living providers. Vitals Software provides senior living software applications, and Creative Strategies creates medication and care management software.

These two companies have worked together to create a closed-loop process for resident care assessment, care planning and care delivery. They also will provide processes for reassessments in case the residents’ needs change.

Oxford Senior Living Communities in Wichita, KS, was one of the first clients to work with this technology. The company already was a client of both Vitals Software and Creative Strategies separately.

“Recognizing that it is often difficult to meet all of our business requirements with a single software vendor, it is very refreshing to see two of our most valued software providers working so closely together to meet our needs,” said Jason Wiley the CEO at Oxford Senior Living Communities. “We are pleased to be among the first to implement this new closed-loop care technology.”

Independa and ProMatura announce partnership

Independa Inc. and ProMatura Group LLC announced their new partnership at the conference. This partnership is expected to produce more efficient and accurate insights into the senior living community experience.

Seniors will be able to take surveys through Independa-enabled televisions, providing a cost-effective way to conduct research because no additional staffing is required. The method also makes it easier to conduct surveys on an ongoing basis instead of annually.

Independa works with remote engagement technologies, and ProMatura is a global market research and advisory firm specializing in older adults. ProMatura’s impact plan, which is created through satisfaction surveys, will be paired with Independa’s voice-of-the-consumer monitoring tools. This partnership will influence the survey experience in senior living communities as well as the staff insights on customer experience, the companies believe.

“At Independa, we’re always expanding the positive impact of our resident engagement platform,” said Kian Saneii the founder, chairman and CEO of the company. “Our partnership with ProMatura does just that, allowing us to improve quality of life and care for the individual while reducing operational complexities and costs for the organization.”