frame, a company offering cloud-based, customizable digital content management and display systems for senior living communities, has announced an advancement for its digital memory boxes, which are used for room identification in senior living communities.

Radio-frequency identification wristbands, which are used by residents to enter and exit their apartments, will be paired via Bluetooth chips that are inserted into the digital memory box. The Bluetooth component allows the box to alert memory care residents when they have made it to the correct suite by showing a picture or playing a tranquil sound. Although frame is still researching tranquil sounds, the resident, family or staff member can choose the signaling photo, which will pop up when the resident is within range — which is up to four feet away, according to a news release from the company.

frame’s digital memory boxes debuted two years ago and are designed to replace physical shadow boxes built outside of residents’ doorways to display snapshots of a resident’s life through photos, figurines or other keepsakes, according to the release. Employees can update the memory boxes after families send the photos to the community.

frame can add the Bluetooth chips to residents’ existing RFID wristbands, and these chips are paired with each individual digital memory box, meaning new software and memory boxes are not necessary, according to frame.