Hasbro introduced the Golden Pup, the second product in its Joy For All brand, on Monday. The release follows the launching of the brand with three companion cats last November.

The companion cats marked the toy company’s first foray into products designed specifically for older adults. The brand was inspired by consumer feedback highlighting the appeal of certain toys and games for seniors, and the cats were developed with extensive consumer research with older adults and their caregivers, according to the company.

“We heard from seniors across the country that companionship was important to their happiness,” Ted Fischer, vice president of business development at Hasbro, said at the time. “Many live alone, miss having a pet, or are no longer able to care for a pet.”

The new Golden Pup is designed to look, move and sound like a puppy and has trademarked BarkBack technology and the ability to look toward a person when spoken to.

The animatronic dog retails for $119.99 and is available for purchase at http://joyforall.hasbro.com/.