man wearing virtual reality goggles

MyndVR has launched MyndVR 2.0, introducing HTC’s VIVE X’s stand-alone Focus headsets in an effort to provide easy-to-use, all-in-one immersive experiences for senior living residents, activities professionals and caregivers.

“Our goal is to lift the quality of life and the spirits of the senior citizens across the country,” MyndVR co-founder and CEO Chris Brickler said in a statement. “We have the ability to bring in a super-engaging technology to these folks — more engaging than TV, more engaging than newspapers. This is a true immersive technology that provides joy and takes people out of the four walls of their existence.”

MyndVR says its research is showing that virtual reality can improve the quality of life and engagement for older adults. The company continues to curate and create content and also offers onsite and remote training and support.

The new technology is being used in more than 20 states and is available worldwide.