Lingraphica has launched two new custom speech therapy offerings, called TalkPath Live teletherapy service and the TalkPath News resource, which join the existing task-based TalkPath Therapy online platform.

TalkPath Live provides 1-on-1, customized speech therapy delivered directly to a patient’s home from a certified speech-language pathologist via video conference. There also is a group therapy option. TalkPath Live carries a $100 clinical assessment fee, which is required for the licensed speech-language pathologist to assess each individual patient’s needs before they enter therapy, after which a customized plan is created.

TalkPath News is designed to help those who need assistance reading, listening or comprehending news, as many patients with aphasia have trouble reading a newspaper or following televised news. TalkPath News is free and posts the latest stories every week Monday through Friday, in categories such as World, National, Business, Education and Entertainment. A patient reads each sentence of the news story, it is highlighted in yellow as an audio component speaks the words aloud at a slow, deliberate pace.

TalkPath Therapy is a task-based, online platform featuring more than 11,500 exercises. 

This article originally appeared on McKnight's