Subscription Box Solutions launched its first brand, Senior Sleuths, this month. The product, designed to be a turnkey immersive group experience that senior living community activities directors can use to sharpen residents’ cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving, recall, dexterity and fine motor skills, is being exhibited at Argentum at Booth 1037.

Each of the 12-week segments in the curriculum is designed to unravel a mystery using physical objects and encompasses activities — such as puzzles with codes, ciphers and crosswords — designed to stimulate cognition. Activities directors, equipped with step-by-step directions and more than 24 hours of immersive programming, host weekly meetings with residents to guide them through the series and package components. Residents are encouraged to share ideas, opinions and theories in a collective environment meant to promote social engagement and participation. Activities directors receive one package per month for three months, resulting in 17 group activities, 54 story-related items, 11 personal keepsakes and 12 weeks of activities and consistent opportunities to exercise mental agility.

“We’ve worked closely with community members to provide an optimal adventure by incorporating a variety of activities that continuously challenge the individuals in fresh and exciting ways,” Alana Tompkins, co-founder of Senior Sleuths, said in a statement. “Their eagerness to unravel the next mystery is reflected in the incredibly positive feedback we collected throughout our extensive pilot program earlier this year.”

Senior Sleuths plans to introduce a product for consumers in the future.