Stanley Healthcare will offer the Accushield touchscreen visitor sign-in system, designed for senior living communities, as part of its portfolio of solutions, the company announced Tuesday.

The sign-in system uses a touchscreen, badge-printing tablet to register anyone visiting a community, replacing the paper log at the entrance. In addition, the system can confirm receipt of required credentials from third-party healthcare providers and other vendors working in senior living communities. Users also can create downloadable visitor reports from system data.

“With Accushield, we have developed a simple, cost-effective way to streamline the visitor sign-in process and upgrade the front desk experience, all while increasing community security,” said Accushield founder Charles Mann, a former operator of a senior living community in Atlanta.

Mann said he developed Accushield after being concerned about not knowing the credentials of third-party caregivers and vendors who provided services at his community. “At the end of the day, these third-party caregivers were an extension of my staff legally, and it seemed that there was an unwritten rule in the senior living space that all a visitor had to do to have full access to our community, going to whatever resident room they chose, was to sign a paper sign-in clipboard at the front desk.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Stanley Healthcare will sell the Accushield solution in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Stanley Healthcare currently is the only vendor to have this relationship with Accushield in the for-profit and not-for-profit senior living market.

“Our two companies share very similar missions: creating a safe and secure environment in which residents can thrive and staff members can focus on delivering excellent care,” Greg Borecki, vice president of senior living and fall management for Stanley Healthcare, said in a statement.

The Accushield system is in use in 35 states and in Canada and is on track to be used in 1,000 senior living communities this year, according to Stanley.