JNL Technologies has announced the launch of a wearable Wander Monitoring Transmitter meant to provide discreet protection for residents who need it.

The wrist-worn device integrates with the company’s Quantum door access control and nurse call system, according to the company.  The transmitter, in conjunction with the door control system, sends alerts when at-risk residents attempt to exit a monitored area, providing the resident name and the location of the alert. The technology also allows for the transmitter to enable noninvasive battery status monitoring.

“We strategically designed our new Wander Monitoring Transmitter to provide safety and promise dignity to each of our at-risk residents,” JNL President Jim Gleason said. The company already has additional capabilities planned for the transmitter, he added.

Communities can customize their control over alarms and monitored exits depending on their needs. In addition, activity at every door is tracked, and data are accessible through the system’s Insights Reporting package.

“This detail enables the staff to recreate the entire scenario, critical in the prevention of future similar situations,” Gleason said.

“Individuals along the continuum of care may experience cognitive decline and thus require more secured access,” he said. “This can happen suddenly and with little warning. Communities need the flexibility to quickly safeguard residents and, oftentimes, long before they need the full security of a memory care unit.”