SAL Management Group reportedly has regained more than $3,000+ per month since implementing LincWare’s Admit+ digital admissions solution a year ago.

The technology, according to SAL co-founder Nate Boswell, “helped us detect key areas where we were losing money.” The company was losing money because documents had not been executed properly, he added, and SAL now is saving money on people and processes.

The senior living operator specializes in assisted living and has 23 locations throughout Utah and Arizona, with additional communities opening this year and next, Boswell said.

“We are proud to be a part of SAL Management’s expansion and growth and look forward to continuing to partner with our friends at SAL and witness exciting savings downstream, through their use of Admit+,” LincWare founder and CEO Darren Mathis said.

The technology replaces traditional paper-based admission procedures with an online platform that provides centralized access to all documents to ensure that version updates and addenda instantly are shared across communities.