Boston-based VoiceFriend has released a wellness check module for its voice-activated notification and communications solution for senior living communities.

The new module, leveraging the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, offers three options for residents to perform their wellness checks:

  1. Receive an inbound telephone call and press a number on the telephone keypad to confirm they are OK,
  2. Call the community’s designated phone number by a specified required time, or
  3. Check in via the voice-activated Amazon Echo smart speaker device.

The VoiceFriend solution then automatically notifies the community staff as to which residents have not updated their wellness statuses on time.

“The consequences of an ineffective wellness check system could be catastrophic,” VoiceFriend CEO Bruce Baron said in a statement. The new module, he said, reduces the number of manual wellness checks that need to take place and frees up staff time for other tasks.

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