Senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities that use the VoiceFriend automated notification technology now can communicate information and notices to residents, family members and staff via voice-activated Amazon Alexa devices.

“The Amazon Alexa cloud-based voice service is a natural fit for integration with our VoiceFriend cloud-based notification solution,” said Bruce Baron, CEO of Boston-based VoiceFriend. “It helps senior living and skilled nursing communities further enhance communication with their residents, families and staff. We are truly excited to be offering this new capability.”

VoiceFriend said that now that the technology is Alexa-enabled:

  • Residents can access and listen to daily schedules and menus, learn about upcoming events and activities, and receive notices and appointment reminders on the device through voice-activated commands.
  • Family members can listen to community information, appointments and alerts.
  • Administrators can communicate shift changes, call-outs and certification training information to staff members.

Communities already using VoiceFriend will receive information about the new Alexa skill in the coming weeks, according to the company. Community administrators also may contact a VoiceFriend support specialist at any time for free assistance with the new Alexa-enabled feature.