Regulators are withholding evidence in an effort let unsupervised teenagers operate powered lifts, critic have alleged.

Opponents are calling on the Department of Labor to release results from a survey that was conducted as part of the initiative. Deborah Berkowitz with the National Employment Law Project said she has seen the survey’s findings. She alleged they offer “no legal or factual basis for a change in the current policy.”

“The proposed rule would hand over one of the most complex and hazardous jobs … to the youngest and most inexperienced workers — endangering both the young workers and patients,” she said.

Eldercare organizations, which have supported the rule change, pushed back against those arguments.

“We disagree with NELP’s opinion and stand by our position that the current restrictions are unnecessary,” LeadingAge spokeswoman Lisa Sanders said in an email. The trade group also submitted comments supporting the rule change last month.